Thursday, 25 February 2010

Talent Free Authors Wanted...

I am often asked if it would be possible to become an author on this very successful blog. Well if you have the ability to write, have a computer with a keyboard and an internet connection, then YES it is. I am extremely busy working as a cartoonist since giving up my day job, and building a team of blog authors would be an excellent way to keep this blog regularly updated with little effort on my time. Please get in touch via email (for FREE) here or at and become (almost) as successful as me.


  1. I did for get to mention in the wonderful blog post, that all guest authors must be able to maintain the quality of this blog. Remember to keep it TALENT FREE!

  2. Evening, Leonard!
    I trust that you are familiar with the incisive, relevant, profound political comments which form the bulk of my own blog. If you feel I could match the TALENT FREE requirements of this one, I should be only too delighted to oblige.

    Yours, etc etc

  3. Cathy I am familiar with your profound blog, and think it's wonderful that you will share your brilliance with Talent Free. I will send an invite, enabling you to author this blog, write away.

  4. Cathy, please send me your email address, via email. Many thanks.

  5. Leonard,

    I'd like to help out but if you are familiar with my own blog, my writing may be too biased on the town of Gillingham (Kent) for your liking. Personally, I think this is a riveting subject that can run and run but I may be a minority of one.

  6. I'm sure my blog readers would like to hear more about this place you call Kent. Or indeed thus, Gillingham. It sounds very exotic. Send me your email address, and you're on the team!

    (I'm still waiting for yours Cathy!)