Thursday, 11 February 2010

I can't believe how illegal some people can be!

I can't believe this, but someone has decided to take the piss out of this blog, buy making a shoddy imitation. I just can't believe that someone would want to do something like that. It looks like I'll have no other option but to seek legal advice from Bert across the road (his ex-son-in-law was married to a court usher). I've looked on some American legal sites about copyright and general illegality such forwith as thus, this, but I cannot find anything about the law in the United Kingdom.

Clearly this sad twisted person has issues with my overall brilliance. I'm not going to feed the dog for the next few days. just in case they attempt to break in and steal all my quite excellent cartoons (it's a good job that I drew most of them with a mouse, so there is no actual paper copies).

If this behaviour continues then I'll have no option but to dial 999 and call the police. The police will come down heavy on anyone who takes the piss out of this Talent Free website. I'm not sure whether I should request armed police or just normal ones? What do you think? As always, comments welcome.

p.s. does anyone know how long a bad tempered rottweiler can go without food?


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  3. I love the Queen Mum.
    I was in the Birthday parade in 2000.

    Can you draw Corgis? I love Corgis.
    If you don't I will draw one if you don't hurry up. Will you send me a £20 note please. I'm saving up for an iPhone Mega.

  4. Sorry, I meant an iPad.

    I'll put my Corgi on as wallpaper.

  5. This post has now been declared illegal. Reading it could get you sent to prison!

  6. Great cartoon, Lenny. I went into a prison once & had my squint rectified. Sorry. Hospital. I went into a hospital.

    I got three years for 'possession of a wonky eye'. I was out in eighteen months for 'good staring'.