Monday, 3 May 2010

Smile cartoon.

I was recently asked to provide a cartoon for promotion of a local dental surgery and came up with this.

I'm still waiting to see if the dentist will chose my cartoon to go through to the next round of "smile for a cartoon" campaign he's started. Fingers cross. There's a massive discount on root canal work available. (the other local cartoonists I know about all have dentures - I believe).


  1. I think this image should be available as an emoticon, along with all those really sickly smiley things. Except that it's much more brilliant than they are.

    I don't have dentures, but I do have three crowns, two of which are really bright, shiney metal. Is that good?

  2. You have 3 crowns?? That makes you positively regal, Cathy! Queen Catherine the third, with nearly all her own teeth :-)

  3. hahahahaha or yu humuns is rank amachewers compared to us hammsters an our teeeth keeps on growin an growin an we hav to chew holes everwher to keep em short an neet

    they ar also a nise oringe colour
    do yu kno any dentists whot see hammsters?