Monday, 24 May 2010

Drawing tutorials. How to draw a policeman. Part 1.

Recently I posted an hilarious cartoon about a policeman arresting a criminal. Many people asked me how I managed to draw such a convincing policeman, so here's a quick tutorial for any cartoonists out there that would like to drawer a policeman in their cartoons.

Perhaps you have a funny joke in mind about policemen, or you just want to do a joke about taking down particulars (could be a smutty joke for Viz or some low quality humour magazine such as thus.).

I forgot to colour in the boots of this policeman, but I'm assured after much research that they should be dark brown or black. I'd love to see readers attempts at following this tutorial, and maybe I could give them all marks out of 5. 5 being the best.


  1. you can email your cartoon policemen to: (business email address). and I'll post them here with useful comments.

  2. Leonard, I attempted to follow this tutorial in Photoshop this morning, just to show that I can put the effort in to achieve the exacting standards of Talent Free. I hadn't got very far when I got a message saying that it (Potatoshop that is) could not grant my request because of a program error. How about THAT?