Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Mr Brightside.

Here's the very first entry in how to draw a constable contest (no material prize available). What a wonderful start to the contest, from Mr Steve Bright. He's neglected to tell us his age, but I imagine from the outstanding quality of his drawing (he hasn't gone over a single line) he must have left school at least 10 years ago. Well done you!

Steve has clearly taken the advice I gave in the tutorial and has drawn the policemen in funny 'police' hats and uniforms so you can tell they are policemen. If he'd drawn them without any clothes on for instance, it would have been very hard to tell what they were supposed to be, so well done again.

It's a super drawing, and I think it deserves at least 4. points out of 5, 5 points for effort and 3.9554 for not going over the lines.

Please send your entries in for this contest soon, as I have literally several that I need to assess. Come on folks. I know you can do better than Steve.


  1. Thats going to be a hard one to "beat"...see if you can find out what kind of crayons he uses..

  2. Actually, Leonard, if you are awarding marks on how well the so-called cartoonists have followed your brilliant instructions, I'm not sure this does too well. It looks as though he'd made it up all on his own and hasn't really followed your style at all. In fact, I'm wondering if this is one that Steve Bright prepared earlier. I mean, before Talent Free ever existed.

  3. You may have a point there Cathy. I didn't think of it like that, but is this a true Talent Free cartoon, or some flashy imposter?

    I think Mr Bright might have some explaining to do!

    BTW (by the way), I'm still waiting for all those other entries I've been promised. Don't let Mr Bright win by default!

  4. Yes, I don't think it's free of talent enough to be truly 'Talent Free'. Unfortunately, it shows signs of things like a high level of drawing ability, real understanding of drawing media and years of experience of producing this kind of artwork.

  5. These are scurrilous accusations, and a deeply disturbing blight on my character. I don't take a Brighty blighty lightly, and so I shall be consulting with my team of crack lawyers.

  6. And I shall be consulting with my team of crack dealers ...

    'Brighty blighty lightly' - what poetry!

  7. Why, thank you, PootComic. But that appears to be my downfall.

    Cathy, shouldn't that be a question mark after "poetry"?

  8. Mr Bright criticising Ms Simpson's talent free spelling?

    This website has all gone tits up now. The talent free mantra has been abandoned it seems. Just as well I have lots of TRUE talent free content to post in the coming week, including a feature on how to draw ugly people without upsetting them (not as easy as it sounds).