Monday, 17 May 2010

Rip off car insurance. Grrrrrrrr.....

I was charged with seeking a good deal for my wife/girlfriends car insurance, so I visited the local insurance broker (broker is an appropriate name for them, as they seem to specialise in breaking people!). I gave them all the information required for them to do a search on the details required. I get a quote for £345 for 1 years insurance including a no claims discount of 3 years. Everything seemed fine, when I get a phone call from the broker the next day to say that the insurance has been refused because I'd forgotten to tell them about a little accident my girlfriend had over 4 years ago when driving her Fiat Tipo.

Now when I tried to seek another insurance policy I was told that the price would now be over £1,000 as a result of this minor shunt she had in her Fiat Tipo. WHAT??? This is a complete rip off. I was furious, and if the police hadn't already been called I would have probably given them a reason to claim on their insurance. Don't insurance companies realise that once someone has had such a minor shunt, they are MORE CAREFUL IN THE FUTURE! Therefore, thus making them safer drivers in the future. I'm sick and tired of this rip -of -Britain that I've been told about in the quality press such as thus Daily Mail and the Daily Telegraph. This is just another example of it. Well now we are making a stand against R.O.B. and needless to say my Wife/Girlfriend is now driving without any insurance at all. I understand there's a fund available for un-insured drivers to make claims on anyway, so it seems pointless to just let them financially rape her like this.


  1. Quite right, too, Leonard. If I were her I'd drive around with no household, buildings or contact lens insurance, too. That'll show 'em!

  2. I think to make this stand properly, you need a super-hero costume, Leonaed.

    I'm sure a man of your talents can design one for the Guardian Against Rip-off Britain Overlords (or something snappy like that).

  3. Excellent idea Mr Steve Bright. I think designing a supperhero costume would be a very good thing to do. If I design it, will you be able to sew on the sequins?

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  5. I'm amazed that even professionals have been ignoring this webpage. It shocks me.

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