Friday, 21 May 2010

Caricature of son.

Caricature Of My Son, almost right.
I've been drawing cartoons for many months now, and one area of cartooning drawing that I have not really attempted so far is the world of caricature. This is my first attempt at drawing a caricature of my son. It doesn't really look like him at all very much. I don't know what happened. I set out with pen in hand and a peice of paper with the intention of drawing an accurate life-like cartoon portrait of him, but the end result is not quite what I hoped for.

My son isn't too impressed either. Yes, I know he's now 27, but I find his attitude of refusing to speak to me, quite frankly, childish! All I suggested was that he grow a beard and wear these glasses I have, to make making his likeness much easier!

Oh well. Next I'm going to attempt a cartoon of my wife/girlfriend as it's her birthday soon, and I'm sure she'd love a romantic souveneer of the occassion.


  1. Is your wife/girlfriend the mother of your son, Leonard, or is that someone else? (Modern families, you know, modern families. You shouldn't assume anything.) I'm sure you're being modest about not capturing a likeness - I can certainly see familial traits in common when I look at this very skilful caricature and your picture on this blog.

    I'm sure your wife/girlfriend would not only be delighted to get a souvenir caricature of you, but that she is equally delighted with this picture of her offspring. That is, if it IS her offspring. If not, I'm sure she's delighted with it anyway.

  2. It's quite likely that she'll think it's not her son, as the son I had with her doesn't have ginger hair! I couldn't find the dirty brown pencil crayon, so had to substitute brown for orange.

    I might have some explaining to do when she finishes her shift at Budgens!

  3. If you send me a cheque for £20.00, I'll show you how to change the hair colour in photoshop. I'll even show you how to use the graphics tablet to do it!

    I think this is cheap at the price for enduring domestic harmony, and not having to explain stuff to someone who's just got back from Budgens.

  4. I think with those skills you should be doing live caricaturing at parties,weddings etc...

  5. That's a wonderful idea John. Most brides look the same anyway, so how hard can it be?

    How much do you think I should charge? I was thinking around £20 (cash, no cheques) depending on how long it takes me. Ugly freaks with funny looking glasses could be charged less perhaps?

    I'd only need to do one wedding to earn enough to pay Cathy to show me how to change the hair colour. Luckily my wife/girlfriend hasn't bothered with the computer this evening, so I'm still safe from any awkward questions. For the time being.