Friday, 14 May 2010

Beware of women on the blob.

I was holding out for Cathy to write this article, but it looks like she is more concerned with Kitchen utensils and such like things like her garden furniture!

Women are extremely amusing when they have their periods, as anyone who owns one will know. They are snappy and unreasonable at the best of times, but they are even worst when they have the painters in so to speak, and this always makes a great subject for a greetings card, or Valentines card (too late for that). There's great humour in mild aliments like periods or the monthlies. Everyone loves to laugh at the angry lady, as it such where was thus.

This cartoon (like nearly all of them) is for sale for business use. Perhaps you have a lipstick discount store, or you sell books to feminists? Then this cartoon could be the ideal image for your poster campaign advert, just in time for the summer!


  1. Leonard - oooer - I hadn't realised you were hoping I'd be the writer of this article. In many ways I'm not really qualified in that, erm, the only painters I get in are ones with a bit of scaffolding who can reach that bit of the stairwell ceiling that I can't.

    Other than that, most of the people I meet have severe and enduring mental illnesses, and male werewolves act in much the same way as female ones. They're just a bit bigger. Mostly. One of these days I might meet a normal person, or even become one myself.

    In the meantime, though, I can see the potential benefits of poking fun at a woman who's having a period. Especially if you were planning a trip to 'Dignitas' anyway, and wanted to save the air fare to Switzerland.

  2. Leonard - you have an extremely skilled and expressive way of depicting the human hand (yes, I know most of us have two not-quite-matching ones) and I think you ought to be offering Master Classes at least, and preferably Distance Learning courses, on this very subject.

  3. Thank you Cathy for your kind words about my article. I know it's a little contriversial, but I think it's important to push the envelope of decency using the internet every now and then.

    Thank you for you kind comments about my handy work! (ROFLMAO). It has taken me a long time studying careless sausage machine operatives to get my hands as unique as they are.

    I think an article about doing it by hand would be a wonderful idea. Would you like to do that, or shall I?

  4. You go first ... go on, you know you want to ...

  5. I'm very confused about this. We had the painters in not that long ago, and my better half could not have been more pleasant to them. Especially the tall, dark-haired one with the teeth. I saw no sign whatsoever of this snappy and unreasonable behaviour from her. Well, at least not while they were here.