Friday, 7 May 2010


Well. I don't know about you, but what a frustrating outcome. There's me thinking a new government was about to take over this country when, shut my mouth, it didn't. Imagine my frustration when I thought, "here we are", I thought, "an end to crime, an end to schools, an end to NHS stuff & more importantly an end to communism". I don't know about you, but I'm sick of hearing, "Marx this & Tito that" & "Lenin this" & "McCartney that".
Ted Heath was the best Prime Minister ever. Now there's a man who can run a country & conduct a big band. Ooh, the groove I've done to the tune of Papa Loves Mambo (Decca F10401, release date 1954). Seriously, I've been in positions (barely legal in some countries) to The Faithful Hussar (Decca F10746, release date 1956). Anyway, he's dead now.
Now, if the great Mike, "and this is me" Yarwood stood for election whilst imitating Harold Wilson, Frank Spencer or even Ted Heath, he might of won because he was shite at impressions & the public like an underdog. He ended up having a breakdown anyway. For crying out loud Mike Yarwood, what's the big deal? If Les "I don't really know actually" Dennis can hold a career as an impressionist, surely you can. You could've been Sir Mike "and this is me" Yarwood by now.
So, to summarise. This country's stiffed. Above is a cartoon of a nationwide reaction around the country, nationwide.
(Nationwide.... Nationwide was a BBC News and Current affairs television series broadcast on BBC One each weekday following the early evening news. It followed a magazine format, combining political analysis and discussion with consumer affairs, light entertainment and sports reporting hosted by Hugh Sculley)

God Bless America & Tony Orlando & Dawn.

Paul Mahoney (pronounced Marney)


  1. I didn't make any comments on the teeth article, since I wasn't around at the time.

    Another brilliant article Paul 'Marney'. I too was surprised at the result of the election. Disgusting that no one seems to bother voting for the decent prime ministers like Harold Shipman or whatever his name was.

    Does Mr Kellloggs really sign each and every box of cornflakes, or is it just printed? I'm not so sure, but you can bet that we'll have to have another election soon.

    I'm going to vote for Nick Clegg this time. Hopefully they'll be a third election and I'll have got to vote for all three parties! That seems the fairest thing to the undecided voter like myself.

  2. Couldn't agree more, Leonard. In fact I am well known for my voting habits in my Local Ward (that's Electoral Ward, not Hospital Ward) (this is a totally different post to the one about insanity) where there is no option to vote for Mr Kellogg. Instead, I get two votes and four candidates, two from each of Labour and Conservative. So I vote for one of each, for the sake of balance.

    By the way, Mr Kellogg individually hand crafts every single cornflake. He's a very busy man. It's a tragedy when you buy your cornflakes and some of them are broken.

  3. Broken? I thought they were them jigsaw toy things you get back in the 70s when we're kids, when your mum brought them back in the shopping back in the 70s. I've got a lounge full of maze based unfinished jigsaw puzzles of orange!

  4. Start worrying if you feel tempted to paint them shades of red, Paul. Otherwise, just enjoy them as they are.

  5. Ah. Red Cornfalkes. Those were the days!

  6. Is 'Quim' an accepted word on 'Talent Free Cartoons'? It is a nickname for men called Joaquim but I don't recall any Joaquims in the election. I do recall a few twats though....