Saturday, 22 May 2010

Hilarious Crime Joke Cartoon.

I have drawed this wonderful cartoon of a criminal 'fencing' some stolen goods and then getting arrested by a policeman for 'fencing' stolen goods. I think it's hilarious, and so did the jehovis witness that I showed it to this morning. He thought it was so funny, that he needed to leave immediately to 'tell all of his friends where the cartoonist lives'. Which I thought was nice.

Crime is of course never hilarious, and I'm sorry to any readers who've had their goods fenced in this way. No offence intended. Crime is never funny. Not even when a clown is raped.


  1. Choosing the right moment is also important in committing a crime, or it might get funny. I once read in a book that Mr Oliphant Beeswax, of Knutsford, set off in January 1979 to do a bit of shoplifting. He'd hardly entered BHS when he was seized by eight pairs of hands because the store was holding a convention of store detectives at the time.

    I think this would make a hilarious cartoon, too.

  2. I didn't expect you to know so much about the criminal world Cathy, and quite frankly I'm shocked.

    Shocked, but looking forward to your hilarious cartoon on the subject. Posting it tomorrow would be good, as the heat has addled my brain and I can't think of anything to post for tomorrow.