Saturday, 15 May 2010

Election selection expectation...

Well wasn't that an interesting General Election. As some of you will be aware I have been indisposed during the actual voting process, and was unable to vote myself. It was quite a surprise to come home and find that we didn't have any Government at all.

I'm quite pleased to see a sensible looking man doing a number 10, instead of that Scottish man. I don't have anything against Scottish people's as such there thus, but I don't like Scottish men who don't have a beard. Call me strange. I Think all Scottish men should have beards, like in the movies. Everything should be like in the movies, but none of these so called politicians offered that you anyone, did they?

Well I think Mr Cameron would make a great prime minister. I don't know what Mr Brown is going to do now he's been sacked from the position by the Queen. It doesn't look good on anyone's CV when you've been sacked by the Queen does it? I'm sure he'll find something to do for a living. Perhaps he could work on the Shopping Channel?


  1. Coalition sounds so grubby, doesn't it? But you're spot on about the Scottish beard thing, speaking as a bearded Scotsman. I can't tell you how embarrassing my life was for the first eleven years, when I grew my first beard. I have shaved it off periodically throughout my life, out of curiosity, but always immediately started growing it again, having had to accept the gruesome and crushing reality each time, that I'm the spitting image of that notorious beardless Scot, Mel Gibson, without the face furniture. So now it stays!

  2. I'm pleased you agree with me Mt Bright. All Scottish people's should have beards. Even those pretend Scots, like Shaun Connery.

  3. I don't know why, but I feel the Welsh should always be clean shaven. If it's good enough for Zeta Jones, then it should suffice for all the Welsh.