Friday, 18 June 2010

Wedding Caricatures.

I've decided that just drawing cartoons for websites and missing cat posters is not lucrative enough. The landlord is due back from his extended stay in Moscow soon, and so I need to make cartooning pay even more than it already has done. I also need some new gel pens since my last lot were melted, still in the WHSmith packaging, in a tragic incident on my bathroom windowsill in this extreme heat we have been having of such lately.

So I've decided that a good way to make some serious money is to give the gift of caricatures are people's weddings. I think I could charge much more than £20 per cartoon for this, and I don't imagine people at a wedding want to sit around too long to have their picture drawn, so I can probably draw 20 caricatures in an hour, therefore thus earning about £500 per hour!

I do find drawing ugly people, freaks if you like, much easier, so I might have to decline drawing normal or plain people and just concentrate on those people who have weird glasses or other interesting facial features. People who look like cartoon characters already would be good. I  just need to find a way to advertise to people having freak weddings, and I'm quids in.

Don't worry, I won't get above myself and stop this invaluable resource on the internet. Talent Free is here to stay!!!

Well, it's good to be back after a short break. I do apologise for the lack of posts over the last week or so. My fellow bloggers have been far too busy to assist with the running of this valuable resource, what with various court cases and assisting police with their enquiries, community service and subscription kidnap attempt theme weekends. All very interesting, but sadly not conducsive to running a successful website. I do hope no one's cartooning career has been adversely affected by lack of Talent Free advice.


  1. I suspect that my life has been affected in various ways, actually, Leonard. I lost a small piece of soap this morning. And I spent two hours with a policeman on Saturday morning. I gave him a mug of tea with a cartoon featuring two dogs shagging but he made no comment about it. He kept laughing as I gave my evidence, too. Anyone would have thought he was amused by the fact that my grass box, along with my collection of frogspawn, had been nicked by a passer by who was passing by.

    So, you never know how lack of Talent Free is going to affect your followers, Leonard.

    Meanwhile, I think anyone to whom you provided the above caricature would find their wedding day memorable. In fact I think wives who fear that their husbands may forget the wedding anniversary, need only display that brilliant, hilarious pic in a prominent place to ensure that he arrives home with flowers, perfume and all sorts of other presents. If only to try and blot out the memory.

  2. I'm not going to ask where you lost the small piece of soap Cathy, or even why a Policeman got involved with the search for it.

    I'll leave all those questions for someone else. So please. Who ever is reading this, ask the bloody questions!

  3. Leonard - you really are 'a one' at times. If I knew where I'd lost the small piece of soap, then I'd have found it again and it wouldn't be lost, would it? Stands to reason.

    I did telephone the local police station, but when I stated the nature of the problem, the lady answering the phone laughed at me and replaced the receiver without putting the connection through to a member of West Mercia Constabulary (that's our local cops, to anyone who doesn't live in West Mercia).

    It was a different matter when I phoned about the grass box, though.