Tuesday, 8 June 2010

I eventually managed to follow Leonard's tutorial ...

Just to prove I can really do it - here's a proper TALENT FREE cartoon! I've found the trick is to draw in low light without wearing my glasses, which ensures effectively that I can't see properly and - bingo! A TALENT FREE cartoon, which I'm sure will sit on a par with Leonard's brilliant and hilarious cartoons!

I think this would be a very good cartoon advert for a very successful company which goes around supplying potholes with a variety of exciting fillings. Except that this pothole hasn't got its filling yet. It's all black to show that it's in shadow, not that it's full of blackcurrant jam with black mould on the top.


  1. You have redeemed yourself Cathy. I knew you could do it, if you just tried a lot less than you did last time.

    Talking of redeeming, I was in the supermarket today. I won't say which one, as that would be advertising, but I forgot to redeem my club card voucher when buying some AAA batteries. I didn't need any AAA batteries, but I thought it best to have a pull set in the kitchen draw. So now I have AA AAA C and an odd D battery available, should the situation dictate that I require such batteries in the near future. You never know.

    Thanks again for following my tutorial. It makes missing the fist half of cash in the attic, all the more worth it.

  2. You may yet require a B battery, Leonard, and if you're feeling really ambitious - I'm sure you have those 'I can conquer the world' moments - you might even stretch to an EE fitting, er, battery.

  3. I've always wondered why there's no B battery. Surely there must be something electrical that requires a B battery?

    It's a mystery and a cumumdrum at the same time, and might make a great subject for a hilarious cartoon in the near future. I can't think what magazine would buy such a battery of cartoons though? Any ideas?