Friday, 4 June 2010

Stress Avoidance. Part 1

Stress is a modern disease. In the olden days, people didn't get stressed. They had very easy lives, and nothing ever went wrong for them. The most they had to worry about was finding enough food to eat, or how to wash their clothes without a washing machine.

The modern world is a stressful place, and many people suffer from stress and can get quite shouty with other people because they are stressed. Just about everything these days can be a great source of stress. How to make enough money to buy chocolate biscuits for when you have important guests visiting your home, which might have an impossibly sized mortgage on it, which is yet another source of stress.

Fortunately I have some experience of stress counselling, and in this series of articles I will be covering some of the most common sources of stress, to help you and your people cope and manage the stresses that we all have to deal with on a day to day basis.

So don't worry about not being able to pay your mortgage and being made homeless during the worst recession that this country has ever seen, while your children are forced from your grasp and placed in a grim orphanage for the Government to perform medical experiments on them until you clear all your debts and pay back the loan sharks. There is no need to stress!

Next time: How to avoid getting stressed while reading internet blogs.


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  2. The last time I got stressed, I grabbed a copy of Cosmo from the table & relaxed in a gentleman's way. I was totally de-stressed within a minute or so. The downside was that I was never allowed back into that dentist surgery ever again.

  3. Not being allowed to go to the dentists' sounds like an elimination of a source of stress immediately, Paul. Well done you!

    I find a good way of not getting stressed whilst looking at internet blogs is to get absolutely plastered first and then pass out before I remember the password to log on to the computer. Relaxed as a newt.

  4. Well I'm pleased you've managed to stay sober enough to log onto me Cathy and make that lovely observation.

    I often think stress is like cheesecake. Most of it is very nice, but horrible flavours like Toffee and Tuna while they may be different and interesting are quite horrible to pop into your mouth without spitting it out and then being sick.

    Stress should be vomitted out of your life if you are to have a pleasant taste in your mouth after a hearty meal for two (or maybe three if the mother in law has decided to join you for tea). Perhaps more if you're eating at the local carvery or country pub.