Monday, 21 June 2010

Government Spends £17,500 on wine.

News today reveals that the Government has spend £17,500 on wine since the general election! Going on the read the news report, it sets out that they buy wine young, to benefit from a lower price. I find that quite a ridiculous claim, as when I was young and getting others to buy some wine for me, it cost exactly the same as it did for someone of the legal age.

It seems this Government has taken no time at all to immerse themselves in sleaze. I expected they'd at least wait until the Christmas party before they'd conduct themselves in such an appalling manner. All the while, us poor taxpayers and working mothers are struggling with the constant pressure on our own alcohol budgets/nappy buying. Always offers on cheap cider, but how rare are 2 for 1 offers on nappies? (not that my grown  up children need nappies, unless they drink too much White Lightening!). Why can't the Government just buy cheap wine from one of the supermarkets? They could have got at least twice as much booze for less than £17,500. Probably they could have got some special offers or something, like I did only last week in Asda.

It's the population that should be spending record amounts on alcohol since the general election - not the Government!


  1. Well it just goes to show that the whole 'You drink more than you think' thingy is a government-led initiative after all, Leonard.

    And rest assured that the link to Talent Free will go on my newly revamped website, when I get round to putting the image entitled 'There is Honey Fungus in my Garden' the right way up.

    Unfortunately, you have to subscribe to 'Mr Site Pro' before you can put logos on there, too, but I've always thought that the Cartoonist Club of England looks rather splendid on my blog alongside the PCO and AOI logos. Unfortunately it'll just be the blog for now then.

  2. I'm sorry Cathy, but I can't afford to subscribe to Mr Site Pro, after that awful incident with the last 'website' I subscribed to, and the girlfriend/wife spotting it on the credit card statement! I know, I know. Having a shared credit card was a stupid idea. Something I've now corrected. But she still reads my post if I'm away working for more than 6 hours (to be helpful of course).

  3. You'll be reassured, Leonard, that anyone clicking on my link to Talent Free resources on the web, where they will be able to see the logo. Anyone clicking on my blog, on the other hand, will be able to see the PCO and AOI logos - unfortunately, both sites are full of filthy non-talent-free stuff. But, hey! We've all got to let our hair down once in a while.

    Especially if we're Rapunzel, which I am from time to time.