Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Hilarious spontanious cartoon.

After all the alcohol related cartoons of late, I have decided that this blog needs to sober itself up somewhat. Yes, it was interesting to find out about Mr Brights carpet (which doesn't sound quite so bright after his measurement issues), but it's time to move on.

Medical matters can be a wonderful source for humour related cartoons, and here is one of my recent cartoons on the subject. Apparently The Lancet don't publish cartoons, as the, may I say rather snooty receptionist imformed me when I phoned to ask for the email address of the cartoon editor. Well while they might be all knowing about medical matters, clearly they have no idea about humour based cartoons in publications. It must be a very dry read. That's all I can say.

If you have a dry publication, then let me help moisten it with a custom made cartoon for your publication.


  1. I have always been a great fan of spontaneous combustion. It really breaks the ice at parties and is excellent for sobering up other guests who may be wetting their whistles in an anarchic fashion.

    It is a hilarious condition and I think it should be enjoyed rather than treated. I also think that if sufferers decide they don't want to suffer any more then visiting the headquarters of the local fire brigade will be as effective as your local psychiatric hospital.

  2. Internal combustion did wonders for the advancement of the human race. Why should spontaneous combustion be any different.

    Psychic hospitals are a great sauce of inspiration. I'm always reading about them.