Monday, 9 August 2010

Wonderful gifts.

Well it's that time of year again, when many people know someone who's going to have a birthday or maybe a divorce or something to celebrate, and nothing says a celebration better than a wonderful personalised gift.

These days there are many kinds of personalised gifts one can buy for money for a loved one, or special friend, or even a member of your own family relation. You could buy them a shopping bag, or a toaster with their name printed on it, but would that really make them happy, and make them get you an even more expensive gift when it's your turn to have something bought for your for your birthday or celebration?

Probably not. The thing is when buying personalised gifts for people that might buy you a more expensive gift in return, or even for your Birthday, is that the personalised gift must look tasteful and expensive, even if it was actually quite cheap.

Personalised cartoons can make wonderful gifts that people will treasure for years to come, probably display on their walls or office walls if they are the sort of person that works in an office, or maybe their bathroom wall if they are unemployed lay-a-bouts (you may not want to buy anything for an unemployed lay-a-bout as it's highly unlikely they will ever buy you a gift in return and that would be a waste of money! No one likes out of date Hula-Hoops bought from the pound shop).

Finding a cartoonist to make you a personalised cartoon gift used to be quite difficult, but since the invention of the internet it's now easier than ever. All you have to do is open Google, or some such like search engine and search for "Leonard Gubbins Cartoonist" or a (very) similar phrase and you will find a cartoonist that will create something very special for as little as £20.

Try it. You may be pleasently surprised when you get something worth having back from the person that you bought the personalised cartoon back.


  1. Maybe it's just me, but £20 usually gets me at least four very special gifts for personalised people that I know. Five when there's a 20% discount. It's a nice idea, Leonarr, but your prices are way out of my league. And people I know and love expect a bit more than a flimsy drawing for their birthdays that can be done by people like Rolf Harris in under two minutes, for goodness sakes. Twenty quid for 90 seconds? I ask you. I've only once ever been charged that rate, and it was entirely my fault. I won't make that mistake again.

  2. Mr Bright, I think you are forgetting that not everyone is lucky enough to have a Poundstretcher near where they live.

    The drawings could be made stiffer if I pritt-stick them to some heavy duty card after printing them. Would that make them more valued?

    I have to charge £20, as I don't get that many clients as yet. Once I've got hundreds of clients wanting my services, then I'll be able to drop the price to something even more reasonable. Perhaps as low as 20p!