Sunday, 1 August 2010

But I digress.

Over at the cartoonist forum they have a contest every week that sets a caption and all the cartoonists (the ones that charge way more than £20 per cartoon, btw) and they all post a cartoon and then they vote for the one that they like the best.

I tried to do something similar on here once, but only 1 person replied and it didn't really work out as I hoped it would. That's the trouble with original ideas that I have. Someone else has always done it better and bigger than me. The cartoonist cartel over at the cartoonist forum don't take favourably to unique talent such as mine. They call it horrible things, like "it's rubbish", or that I have no "talent". Clearly they feel threatened, otherwise they wouldn't have any need to write such hurtful things. They can see my uniqueness could ruin their business.

And it's that which inspires me to continue with my one woman campaign against anything that isn't talented and free. and unique. Google is my friend. Google loves me and my many links.

This week I've drawn a cartoon based on the idea over at the cartoonist forum, but with a twist. Not for me, something "oh so clever" and smart. Oh no. I've gone for something crude and uniuqe. I was told it was too late to enter the contest, but I know the real reason is that it's simply so good, it puts all their efforts to shame.

So here is my hand shaded goodness for your enjoyment:

but I digress.


  1. As one of the Moderators for the above-mentioned competition, I can only say I am appalled at these outrageous slurs against the good folks over at the cartoonists' forum in question, Lenarod.

    However, I fully appreciate the frustration that led to these scurrilous and completely unfounded accusations, and if it helps, I'm prepared to consider a little 'creative accountancy' in your favour, when adding up the scores for the next competition, for a very reasonable 'consideration'. How does 20 quid grab you?

  2. If only I had a 20 quid Mr Bright. I haven't had a 20 quid since mid april, and that was for an illustration for scrotal moisturiser, not a cartoon.

    I'm hoping to enter the contest soon. Hopefully someone somewhere will come up with a decent caption worthy of my modest brilliance.

  3. I did a stunning cartoon this week, even animated it, and got no votes whatsoever. I thought it was brilliant myself. It may have been slightly above the intellect of the average CCGB forum viewer.