Wednesday, 18 August 2010

A woman squirts.

Why o why o why o why do we not have more women firemen? If I was going to phone the fire brigade, it would be nice to think that perhaps there was a small chance that they would send a fire tender full of lovely young ladies, perhaps in tight red t-shirts, would be coming to save my front porch from being badly burnt.

This country is not once it once thus was.

*I've been asked to point out that I am no longer permitted to contact the local fire chief via post due to the previous volume of my correspondence (allegedly constituting harassment).

I thought it was a good idea.


  1. Leonard, frankly, I'm a bit concerned that your depiction of a female firefighter above will make ordinary, normal women feel inadequate. I mean, how many of us can really aspire to super-model thin-ness? Similarly, how many of us can aspire to having a body like the one in the illustration above? I know you men like to have your fantasies an' all that, but please spare a thought for those of us with two legs roughly the same length.

  2. I'm very apologetic Cathy. If I have offended your womanhood or any other part of you in anyway, you have my sincere apologise.

    I was just trying to make my articles a little more unique than the others out there. I am known for ocassionally publishing bad taste humour in the style of Viz.

  3. I too am quite shocked to find this post depicts a very different view of women to the one I was expecting from its title. Shame on you!

  4. I'm sorry Mr Bright. What can I say. Actually, the wife/girlfriend wouldn't let me post what I originally had in mind.

    I can't go into it for legal reasons. Fair enough. She does technically own the copyright to the photographs, but I thought it would give her some good exposure.