Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Cartoons for your Goldfish.

I've had a brilliant idea today that I'm going to have to copyright protect from being stolen. I have written down this idea and posted it to myself within a special gauranteed envelope, therefor copyrighting it for the future so I can protect this idea from being stolen by one of the Den Dragons or Richard Branston (who actually stole the idea for Branston Pickle!).

My idea safely protected I can now reveal it to the millions of people who could find this website if they only used Google properly. It is a well known fact that Goldfish like to have pictures behind their aquariums, and this is usually just some pretty coloured prints of plants and shipwrecks and stuff like that. I thought there's a gap in the market here for an idea that would replace the boring static pictures of underwater scenes, with a collection of cartoons (fish based or not?) This would provide continued interest for any visitors you had at your home, as they would see something different each time they looked at the aquarium.

I'm seeking £3,000 for 5% of the Fishy Backgrounds Limited. For this I will buy an A3 printer and some packaging equipement. Here's an example of the sort of designs I'm talking about (copyright protected).


  1. There would be no need to change the picture, as fish have a memory span of about 7 seconds, and would laugh at the same picture over and over again. Therefore, the market for these things is extremely limited, and for that reason, I'm out.

  2. The picture isn't there for the benefit of the fish Mr Bright, it's there for the benefit of style concious visitors to your home. If it was intended for the fish, it would be a lovely flakey picture, and I don't know how to do them!

  3. I've always thought it would be a nice piece of conceptual art to project images of fish swimming onto the walls of the channel tunnel. I think passengers on le shuttle would find them soothing.

  4. Either that, or blind panic would ensue. I love it!