Friday, 13 August 2010

What a shower.

What a sight to behold. lumps of space rock called meteors shooting across the sky last night. (If you're reading this on the 14th of August I'll be referring to Thursday the twelfthfth.) It was that or wounded, burning from gunshot wounds, grouse flying south for safety from trigger happy middle class ninnies wanting to make whiskey from their feathers or some such like.
I gazed up in amazement as the things (probably meteors) whizzed, I say, whizzed across the sky. This made me think. Would any of them enter the earth's atmosphere & come thundering to earth to cause destruction, annial...annhiale...annilatio.....time to reverse & aliens to invade our annihilated...(no red underscore? Hah! I did it.) world. Then, I thought, 'stop thinking like a corey, Mahoney & go to bed. It's late',. So I did.
The End.
I gone & done a picture to very nearly illustrate what I am on about.

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  1. That's a lovely cautionary tale Paul. I did not venture outside that night, as I had my best slippers on, and getting my stout boots out would have meant disturbing the dog.

    Your illustration makes me feel like I was there anyway.

    I new you wouldn't let me down.