Saturday, 28 August 2010

Doing business on the internet.

If only I'd discovered the wonders of gel pens when I was younger. Perhaps I'd have chosen to be a cartoonist much earlier in life when I was younger? As it was I didn't decide to be a cartoonist until February this year. At first I thought it might be difficult, but then I joined a cartoonist forum and after giving some advice to the other cartoonists on there, I decided to give up my job at the drop in centre and devote my life to making wonderful cartoons and making people smile, with my dynamic and unique cartoons, always remembering that those that criticise are just jealous of my natural abilities to make people laugh. Everyone who has seen one of my cartoons has laughed at me - and there's no better endorsement of brilliant talent then that!  

Here's a quick look back at some of those cartoons.


  1. It was a bold decision, Loonard, and one you should never regret. I've too have been laughing at you ever since you took it. Keep on keeping on!

  2. Thank you again Mr Bright. You seem to be my number 1 fan at the moment. Many others have stopped bothering their arses to comment, unlike when I first started the blog. Obviously they have given up their dreams of being successful cartoonists - but it's encouraging to see that you are still holding onto that dream of one day being published in a parish magazine or take a break magazine.

    When you do have some success, can you please tell me how you did it and what it feels like? Sometimes I feel like I'm ****ing my life away on Gel Pens.

    If we are both strong and determined - I'm sure we'll get there!

  3. Count me in, too, Leonard. I know I have this unfortunate habit of going on holiday to places where they don't have computers (like in my plop-up tent) but rest assured that I have drawn lots of cartoons whilst waiting in this inhospitable(and very orange) environment.

    Though I realise I'll never reach the giddy heights that you appear to reach without even trying.