Friday, 9 July 2010

Worldcup 2010 England aren't in it.

England are out of the world cup and some other teams are now in it instead. I don't really follow football, but I'm sure whichever team wins it, will be the best team. This got me thinking about all the traders that have been selling England memorialbeelia for the contest. They must be very upset that England are now out of the contest - think of all those flags and tea cups that they won't be able to sell now! This got me thinking that this would make a really funny cartoon, so I drew a really funny cartoon about it this morning and posted it on my blog. I hope you like it.

This cartoon is availble for sale, for publishing on blogs, tea towels (you'll have to sort out the printing yourself) and business cards.

As always, comments welcome. Anything nasty will be reported to the police.


  1. i wos in a cup resently but it wos alrite becos my humun had alredy drunk orl the tee. or id of got wet but my furs alredy tee colur enyway

  2. Tootsie! Great to see you back on the blog. You should consider reporting your neglectful human to the RSPCH.

  3. Anyone want a German flag? It's very efficient.

  4. I thought German flags were banned after the World War 2 fiasco?