Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Google is my friend.

I have often being asked. This charming, and successful blog was started just a few short months ago, but already it ranks very highly for some key search terms - which is a clear demonstration of how important it is for the internet to have this thus blog in existance. What would the gap be filled with if this site didn't exist? Probably another website of dancing kittens - a search term which this blog doesn't rank at all for.

So some of the terms that this blog ranks so highly for include:

  • "cartoon chocolate digestive" - #1 position from 15,200 results!!!
  • "steve bright talent" - #1 postion, from over 1,700,000 results - just a few up from a Stephen Gately video clip!!!
  • "gel pen cartoons" - #15 position from around 78,500 results (second page!)
  • "local post office gel pens cartoons" #1 position from 14,000 results.
Demonstrating that it's how you use Google that matters. As long as people use it properly, then I rank number 1 for just about any cartoon related search you care to think of.

Many times people have tried to tell me that my cartoons were not as good as others that they'd seen, but I'm sure they'll be laughing on the other side of their faces - having seen the evidence that they are in FACT so good, that Google ranks them so well.

And that's why Google is my friend, and Xezop993 doesn't know what the hell, he (or she) is talking about.


  1. I'm very impressed with your Google Stats Leonard. I'm sending you £20 for an advertising campaign on your website. I think it will increase my business by at the very least 23%.

  2. Well I'm certainly laughing on the other side of my faeces my good friend.

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  4. "steve bright talent" - #1 postion, from over 1,700,000 results - just a few up from a Stephen Gately video clip!!!

    Excellent news - I had all but given up hope of overtaking Stephen Gately. Thanks, Leondra!

  5. Is this post really good, brilliant or wonderful? I don't know - you all forgot to rate it! I guess I'll have to do it myself again!

    Pleased that you are pleased with the Google results Mr Bright. If you'd like your name to rank slightly higher than Duncan James (from Blue) just let me know. For a very reasonable fee - I can make that dream come true aswell!

  6. No, no - I couldn't possibly! There are limits.

  7. if i do a gogle serch on tootsie's loo brush my blogg coms out top of the list an i think im the only hammster who has such an inteligent intrest in humun lavatry hygene.

    sory iv been off here for so long but mi sily humun fergot how to long me in an in the end i had to do it misellf.


  8. Can you get your human to install you a spell checker Tootsie?

  9. I tryed but she giv me sum porij insted still culdent get the spel cheker to werk