Monday, 5 July 2010

British Televisional Soap Operas.

The wife/girlfriend is a great big fan of many of the British Soap Operas that appear on our televisional screens. She insists on whatching them, regardless of what she is also doing at the time. Thankfully they are usually broadcast in the early evening, so some things are never interuppted!

Having agreed to share living accommodation with her some time ago when our 'relationship' began (inspired partly by a very poor bus service between our each abodes at the time), I have accidentaly found myself watching these very popular televisional shows. While obviously I'm far too high brow to actually watch these televisional shows, I did find myself taking a passing interest in the bizzarre plots. It seems that they all have the same plot, with different actors and charactures playing out the same stories over and over. For instance, all of the soap operas currently have a plot about a body having being buried and it being discovered by a group of hoodies. A few months ago they all had charactures that were having babies. It's quite remarkable how similar all of these shows are, and I suspect, until Channel 5 launch a soap opera about aliens or something, it will continue to be like this.


  1. The logical extension being that aliens don't have babies? Or Hoodies? It's obvious you've never been abducted, Leondar.

  2. I used to listen to both "The Archers" and "Citizens" on Radio 4. They both had parallel plots, which was a bit silly because they were on the same channel. They took "Citizens" off air because there were so many complaints about it. I was really disappointed, because it was sometimes so funny I had tears rolling down my cheeks. Then someone told me it wasn't MEANT to be funny ...

  3. Leonard, as someone who has occasional brushings with stress counselling, and, as such, concerned for your emotional and spiritual welfare ... I feel that the status of your wife/girlfriend needs to be clarified. Are they in fact one and the same person? Or do you have a wife and a girlfriend, both of whom are addicted to soaps? (It's all right, I won't tell anyone) Or are they one and the same person, it's just that your girlfriend is someone ELSE'S wife, or vice versa?

    I just don't want to go putting my foot in it. Or ask inappropriate questions.

  4. My wife/girlfriend is one and the same depending on how well she is fulfilling her job description.

    I conduct 6 monthly reviews on her performance, but she rarely attends these meetings, choosing instead to go out to the bingo with her friend Sheila.

    I hope that clarifies things for you Cathy.

  5. Oh that's a relief, Leonard. Makes everything much simpler. It's reassuring to know she has a friend called Sheila.

  6. If only my home life was simple Cathy. I was a single mother for many years, relying on state hand outs and petty crime for my very survival.

    Eventually I had to hand the children back, and turned my life around - with the power of blogging and the internet and SEO expertise to become the top ranking cartoonist I am today.

  7. Was the mother of the children glad to get them back, Leonard, or did she try to get you to keep them?

    You know, I've just reread the original post, and realised that there's a kind of logic to episodes where everyone's having babies after one where everyone keeps dying and being discovered by hoodies. Something about maintaining the species, I think, making sure the character count remains the same.

  8. I have such an interesting domestic life Cathy, that I have no need for televisional soap operas. The wife/girlfriend for some reason does.

    I really don't understand her sometimes. It was her idea to have children!