Tuesday, 27 July 2010

It's health & safety gone mad.

The other day I was walking down the street when I noticed that there was some signs that I should cross the road and start walking on the other side of the road, pavement. The sign was an effing great big hole in the road that some jobs worth had dug up apparently. But this wasn't enough. Alongside this natural 'sign' was a red & white barrier a flashing light or two and some traffic cones. How insulted I felt. The local council or whoever it was who dug the hole had decided for me that I wasn't intelligent enough to avoid a huge hole in the ground, and decided to make it bloody obvious that there was a great hole in the footpath.

Clearly all this health and safety nonesense had also prevented the workmen from gaining access to the hole, as no work was taking place that Sunday afternoon. Anything could have happened to that hole the whole time it was just left there, inviting vandals to perhaps fill it in, or throw some elderly people into it that they had just mugged, and because of all the warning signs and health and safety  - everyone would have been walking on the other side of the street and wouldn't have noticed the mountain of dead pensioners inside the hole.

I take great pride in my civic pride, so I was compelled to make a small physical protest to all this crazy health and safety nonsense. I removed one of the flashing amber lights, and I now use it in my back garden to warn the postman not to stand on the gravel where the dog likes to do his business. If I have prevented just one pensioner from being left in a hole for a whole weekend then my effort will have been worth it.


  1. I found this interesting piece about the design of a missing cat poster, Leo. I thought it might be of interest...


  2. That's a wonderful link Nigel. Goes to show that the service I provide is far more professional.

    I do hope they found their cat, or at least the mangled corpse.

  3. It's worrying that the local jobsworths were careless enough to leave a large hole just lying around like that, where anyone could pinch it. Then I dare say the replacement would have to be paid for by the taxpayer, as usual.

  4. Not a police man or community action representative in sight Cathy! It was just there, in all it's 18" glory, waiting to be filled with freshly mugged pensioners or something, or like you say - stolen.

    The flashing warning light is doing a great job in my back passage. The postman hasn't stepped in anything nasty still I installed it leaning against my bushy poll.

    What is the world coming too?

  5. Disturbing hole. I'll look inot it.

    Cartoon, as always, epitomises the Talent Free ethos. Where can I buy those square poached eggs?

  6. Into. Into into INTO! D'oh.

    My apologies, Leondra.