Tuesday, 20 July 2010

The Rejection Section

Hears the first cartoon in the new feature I thought of for this blog - The Rejection Section ©. This cartoon was sent to over 8 different publications, and yet surprisingly, despite the fact it's been specially 'hand shaded' they all rejected it. Well, I'd like to be able to say they rejected it, but the fact is - they ignored it. How very rude! That's 8 more publications that are on my shit list.

The way things appear to be going, there's only going to be Smash Hits magazine, and MotorHome Monthly left to accept my hilarious cartoons.

If you know of a publication that deserves the chance to publish my unique humourous cartoons, then please let me know. The local post office to be has quite a limited range of periodicals, and Mrs Braithwaite gets a bit upitty if I spend too long fingering her glossies.


  1. I heard a nasty rumour that MotorHome Monthly has put a ban on all glitter pen cartoons for health & safety reasons (unspecified). Sorry if this isn't good news.

  2. Well that is indead a nasty rumoor! I suppose I'll be writing a health & Safety gone made blog post very soon. With small men wearing hats. It'll be hilarious.

  3. der lenard i likke yor new avertisment for proof reedin an i wos wunderin if yu wold do sum proof reedin for mee but it will tayke me a littul wile to save £20 is that orl rite

  4. Tootsie, I'd love to work with you. Don't worry about not being able to pay the £20. I can offer you a 1% speciel discount, which you can pay in installements.

    £20 is the normal rate for a 600 word proff read.

  5. im lookin forwerd to orl that porff redin orlredy an i hav anuther ideer

    cos it taykes a long time to get mi littel paws rownd a keebord moast of my posts ar shorter than 6 hundrid werds an so can i hav an acount so that everry 600 werds i pa yo £20 minus ther 1% discownt an can i pa in installlmints too

    or sunflour seeds insted of humun muney

  6. Tootsie, I've worked this out on my special calculator software which I've just installed.

    I charge 3p per word. That's a lot of sunflower seeds. Perhaps human money would be better?

  7. thats orl rite the sunflour seads wil do cos for you get hundrids in ever sunflour an my humun's neibour has got lodes of them in the gardin


  8. You make it sound like you are stealing the sun flower seeds from your neighbour. I cannot be involved in anything illegal, unless it's a dawn bust on someone who has upset me on the internet. Then I'd like to be able to watch it happen.

    I'd find that most thrilling to tell you the truth.