Friday, 2 July 2010

Photo finish to a new career!

Small child almost ruined this photo
of a slide I was taking!
Since the invention of the camera around 10 years ago, digital photography has become very popular past-time for many people. Digital cameras come in all shapes and sizes, very much like the people using them. Fat bloke with a slim compact? It does happen.

For good results in photography it's very important to spend as much money as possible, on both the camera and the accessories, such as camera bags and tripods. An expert can instantly tell from looking at the photograph if the photographer has skimpt on equipement, so it's no use pretending you can get away with not spending at lot of money. It will be apparent in your completed photographs.

Once you have spent all this money (or invested) on photographical equipement, you might want to consider creating your own business taking photographs of people and places (inside & out). People without expensive photographic equipement, or those that want to be in the photographs themselves, will pay hansomely for good photographs taken on expensive equipement.

To test the water, it might be a good idea to limit yourself to only 5,000 business cards, and place these in as many local shops and post officers as possible. Word of mouth is a very good way to create business, so be sure to tell as many people as possible of how good you are at photography.

Good luck with your new career. With some luck, all that money you have spent on equipement to take a few snap shots of your Poodle, will soon be paid back many times over.


  1. You raise some very important points, here, Leonard. It's crucial that you spend a fortune on designer camera bags and other kit if you are really to demonstrate your freedom from talent. After all, any old fool can take crap photos on crap equipment, but it takes a special, differently abled kind of ability to maintain this consistently.

    This is paralleled in the fitness industry: if you spend your life savings (at least £20.00) on designer trainers, leotards etc it instantly makes you much, much fitter than the person who turns up in an old string vest and flipflops.

  2. For that is why I'm so flabby around the middle Cathy. I cannot afford decent jogging shoes. The only sort I've ever been able to afford have been from Primark/Materlan. They cost no more than £8 per pair.

    For all that. This is still an article on Photography Cathy. Please don't wander off topic like this again.

  3. In a bizarre twist of L'Oreal synergie I happened upon this contest on the web:

    Win photography inspired clothing to the value of $300!

  4. How flabby are you around the middle, Leonard? Would joining an expensive gym help? (Just to keep this on topic, could you put a photo up here to give us some idea of the extent of the problem?)