Saturday, 18 September 2010

A Wheelie good joke.

We seem to be restricted by more and more and more rules these days. From rules of written language that restricts those that couldn't go to school from self expressing themselves, to the rules about which side of the road you should drive on, even during the lord mayors parade road redirections. Wheelie bins are a wheelie good idea, but local councils limit what you can put into them. Surely they can't object to people putting wheels into a wheelie bin can they?

A very funny wheelie bin cartoon. The local councils restrict what can be put into peoples

bins these days, but surely they can't object to wheels being put into a wheelie bin?

Artwork & Joke © Leonard Gubbins 2010


  1. Thanks you Scotty. I'm thinking of doing a cartoon about recycling cycles next, and then sending them to Private Eye, or Which Motorhome.

    I can't decide who to send to first.

  2. Good thinking, Leonard. If I may make a suggestion though, I think the local council magazines would benefit from your very funny cartoons on this matter, and maybe even make them realise where they have been going wrong with their recycling schemes.

  3. Wheelie bins are very tricky to draw. I speak from huge experience. I love the way you've skilfully got around this, Leonora, by avoiding using any detail or proper perspective. It's deceptively simple, but to the trained eye, it demonstrates many years of sacrifice and strong will. Newbies please take note.

  4. Many thanks Mr Blight. You are of course right. I took a unique approache to drawing a wheelie bin, and it worked very well.