Monday, 13 September 2010

Making smooth images for the internet age.

I have been struggling for some time with getting the images I create to look just right on my website, or blog. No matter how low I make the resolution, or how many filters I apply, the images often look very poor quality.

I have decided that this must be because everyone else makes their jpeg images with Vector Graphics or something very technicological like that. Not knowing anything about vector graphics, I have decided to produce all my work in vector images from now on. Fortunately I don't have any commissions at the moment (that was lucky!) so I'll have time to play around with the various settings and get this right, and then advise others on how to be an expert with vector graphics.

Keep watching this space. I'm downloading now and hope to learn how to use this very soon. Smooth graphics are on the way soon!


  1. It's a bold decision, Loonard. I know cartoonists who swear by vector graphics though, and refuse to use anything else.

    Well, I know one. She knows her stuff though.

  2. I tried some Vector graphics software, but the 14 day free trail expired, so now I'm back to gel pens.

    I needed to get a stamp from the post office anyway. (Gas bill).