Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Salting Potato's.

I've been very busy these last few days with yet another fantastic commission that I can't tell you about for confidentiality reasons, and to be honest, the Girls Guides leader is quite intimidating.

Here's a cartoon I did to demonstrate how to subtlety do some hand shading that will impress your clients and customers. Look how the breast seem to be almost 3D. That can make the difference between a great cartoon and a very bad cartoon. 3D breasts.

This cartoon was  a rough draft for a customer that wanted some cartoons for his restaurant. Once I'd sent him the rough drafts, I never heard from him again. I expect his business was burnt to the ground by Animal Rights Activists or something. Pity. I'd drawn over 15 drawings like this. That's the trouble with being a cartoonist. You can spend 3 weeks working on something that comes nothing.


  1. Why have you put a "Mr.Bright" tag on this article, Leonard? As far as I'm aware, he hasn't got 3D breasts.

  2. Scotty, I have added Mr Bright to the tags for this post, as I thouroughly respect his artistic abilities, and I'm hoping to steal some of his clients from Google.