Saturday, 2 October 2010

How to pass your driving test.

Passing your driving test is very important if you are wanting to drive to the local post office, or perhaps further a field (although if you wish to drive over fields you might want to consider buying a 4x4). What ever you are driving to the shops for (gel pens or stamps) you must have a driving license which you can get from passing a driving test.

Some people find it helpful to have something that's called "Driving Lessons" before they have a "Driving Test". You can get these lessons from a "Driving Instructer" who you will find driving around in a Vauxhall Corsa in your home town. Flag one down today and ask him how much he charges for a lesson. It's important to do this with quite a few "driving instructers" as they all charge different prices.

Once you have found a Driving Instructer that you like the charge he'll make of you, then you can book some lessons until you feel ready for a driving test.

Driving tests are conducted at a "Driving Test Centre" although you will be expected to drive away from the centre at some point, and maybe around your local town a little bit. You may also be required to take a theory test if you were born after 1996. Once you have passed your test - you can now drive to the local post office or Spar*

*You may require a car to drive to the local Post Office or Spar.


  1. I wish you'd been around with such sage advice when I sat my first driving test thirty years ago, Leondra. Thankfully, I passed on the second attempt, and no-one was injured in that one, but you make me want to sit it all over again. Marvellous insight as always!

  2. Thank you for your kind words as usual Mr Brighty. I haven't actually passed my driving test, but having written this expert article, I'm considering doing it next week.

    That's if the driving gloves I've ordered from Amazon arrive in time. Then I'll be there at the test centre, highway code and Jeremy Clarkson book in hand, ready to go.

  3. Good luck with that, Leonarf!

    Confidence is important, but keep a tight rein on it. I arrived at the test centre for my first go with two fat cigars in my jacket pocket - one for me, one for my instructor. I smoked them both on the long walk home.

  4. I am waiting for my provisional driving license in the post. I should have received it by now, as I'm in my mid 40's in age.

    Does someone have to tell them I'm old enough to drive now? I fancy a mustard yellow mini metro, if they still make them!

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