Saturday, 30 October 2010

Hilarious Computer Joke.

This is a recent joke cartoon that I did for a client to see that I could provide some jokey type cartoons for his Ye Olde Computer Shoppe business in the local high street. He wanted something that he could send out to all his customers via email or facebook (he's yet to decide). After he had given me his briefs, I set to work thinking of all the amusing things about computers that I could put into a jokey type cartoon for his computer business as previously discussed.

I did this on my computer with my Wancom Bamboo tablet. IT's a very expensive piece of professional equipment that only professional cartoonists are allowed to buy, but if you can afford one then I think you should. I have drawn this cartoon in just 7 hours, from the client brief to the finished article (no, not this article, I did it last week). I did this cartoon in the style of Bill Tidy or Larry. Check out the filing cabinet!

Next time: How to drawer cartoon filing cabinets.


  1. Fascinating and inciteful as ever, Leonrad. I can definitely see the Bill Tardy influence shining through. There are so many layers to this cartoon. In fact, as cartoons go, this one is a real onion.

  2. Mr Bright, do you mean it made you cry? With lagther?

  3. Absolutely, though I was on my own. Lagther had returned to Sweden.