Monday, 6 December 2010

William is going to Marry Katie

As reported in the recent press, Prince William the second is going to marry his girlfriend Katie Middletown. I think that's a lovely story. I know that the news is quite old now, and I would have drawn a lovely tribute cartoon much sooner, but I have been very busy lately with getting my iPod connected to my car stereo and sorting out a incident with a missing wheelie bin. But enough of my troubles (Roger Whittaker isn't that important). I would like to think that someone in the Royal Family will see this lovely cartoon for the tribute it indeed no doubt is, and who knows, it might even be spray painted onto the cake! That would make a lovely surprise for the Middletowns, and I've sure make a lovely day of celebration, even more lovely than it already is.

Has anyone seen what the Frankling Mint will be producing for this lovely occassion? I will be buying all the red top sunday papers to see what lovely offers are on to celebrate this lovely occassion of the celebreation of the lovely marage of the lovely day.

When is it going to be?


  1. I believe it's going to be on April 1st.

    Nah - just kidding. It'll be on April 29th, and I'm already making plans. We hope to go digital by then, and celebrate by putting analogue on the fire (see what I did there), and roasting marshmallows while watching the festivities on our massive new 19" widescreen plasmatic TV.

    Wouldn't it be great if they invited Roger Whiteacre? Have you seen that man hail a taxi? Bloomin' marvellous!

  2. I think they'd be advised to pre-book a taxi on that day, as it's going to be quite busy with sou-veneer merchants on the streets on London town.

    Hoping the weather improves by then Mr Bright.