Sunday, 5 December 2010

Choosing toys for Christmas.

This time of year many people with Children, or those that know people with Children, such as Grandparents are thinking of buying toys for children, but where to start? There's so many toys available these days for children that it can be difficult to choose something that's appropriate. If you go to a large toy department shop there are millions of toys to choose from. Where to start?

A good way to choose toys for children to give them at this time of year for Christmas is to watch what your child already plays with, and just as importantly what they don't play with. If little Jimmy never touches that 500 piece jigsaw of Whitley Bay, then it's probably not a good idea to buy little Jimmy another 500 piece jigsaw of Whitley Bay. He won't appreciate it at all! But what if he enjoys playing with his Power Rangers figures or his older brothers Roller Skates? Then, a good starting point would be some Power Rangers on roller skates perhaps?

Whatever you do, ensure that the toy gift you buy the child (or children) this year is suitable for their age. A petrol Chainsaw is not a suitable gift for an 8 year old under any circumstances, even if they do have ambitions to be a lumberjack later in life!


  1. I only wish I'd read this earlier, but am still very grateful. A trip back to B&Q's returns department is still infinitely better than the possible alternative. Good work, Loanarb. We are indebted to you for being the eyes, ears and nose of our consciousnesses.

  2. I can sniff out dangerous DIY equipment at 20 paces.

    Talking of witch, I will have to revise my low low prices in the new year due to the VAT increase. Minimum price for cartoons will now have to be £20 + and extra 2.5% which works out as 50p.