Monday, 14 May 2012

Man bites off his own ear.

News reports are coming in from Betty across the road that last night there was an altercation with the Police, and the man that was being in the processed of being arrested, bite off his own ear!

Unfortunately, I have been unable to verify this report and have not got photographic evidence of this event, but I managed to find this on Google Images:

 I am not sure if this is the same sort of ear that was bitten off allegedly by the man, or why he was arguing with a policeman (to be honest, I'd long since retired to bed after my Cadbury's Options Drinking Chocolate). Betty could not furnish me with any further details as she needed to keep an appointment with her Craig's social worker , and when I phoned the police station in the capacity of a citizen reporter, the desk sergeant hung up on me!

Do you know a man with good teeth, and an ear missing? Perhaps he used to wear glasses, but is now unable to?

Please let me know.


  1. Leonard, you are an idiot. Your not even funny. Your just a disturbed indiv with too much time on your hands. You should join the army and do something useful for your country, or something.

  2. Once again the anonymouse troll hits my site with hurtful comments, designed to upset me and make me all angry and reporty to the policey.

    I know that my work is both unique and talent. Free from constraints of what many people might consider conventional "art". I'm a free spirit and I won't be oppressed by annoyumous trolls.

  3. Its sad that some anonymous comment hurtful remarks. Respect and appreciation should be observed when commenting on blog. Mr. Anonymous, no one forces you to agree or disagree with his blog. For me, Mr. Leonard's blog is one of the best cartoon blogs across the web.

  4. Thanks you Mr Caricature Riverside Country. It's good to have some support in this bitter cynical word of the internet.

    I'm just a single mother trying to make a few quid behind the backs of the fascist government. Where's the harm in that?