Friday, 21 September 2012

I believe in Dinosaurs.

Some people think that Dinosaurs died out many years ago and no longer exist. In fact, some people even think that Dinosaurs are extinct.

They are entitled to hold that view, but they are not entitled to share that view (although they do - to anyone who'll listen to them and read their books). Hold or share? Well, I'm here today to share the truth. The truth of what's really happening, and why the establishment want YOU to believe that the Dinosaurs are all dead.

I have to state that I have not seen a live Dinosaur in the wild or on a day trip to the countryside. BUT that is not evidence of something not existing. I have never seen Lionel Blair tap dancing and mincing around a seaside resort, but that doesn't mean he's not real, or existing, or not dead (and all like him)

The establishment want you to believe that Dinosaurs are all dead because they don't want you the great unwashed to panic if you see one. It wouldn't suit their agenda to destroy the values that those of us who believe in Dinosaurs, and low taxation we would like to preserve.

Here's some evidence of recent sightings of Dinosaurs:

1976 Arizona a police patrolman saw something that was quite dark and blurry in his headlights one night. He thinks it might have been a Pterosaurs and not an owl. There's no owls in that part of the desert.

2001 A Chinese man claims to have filed incorrect tax returns, blaming one of his many captive bred Stegosaurus he was farming for a Taiwanese gang of pirates for eating his paperwork. Afterwards he was compelled by the pirates to CHEW all the Stegosaurus up in a giant industrial mincer, to hide their illegal activities and then burn the resulting Dinosaur sludge. No one messes with Taiwanese pirates!

Finally, no Dinosaurs are still with us article is complete without an animated gif.


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