Monday, 23 January 2012

Cheap cartoon redesign services

I have a new and original idea for all small to medium (but not large) businesses out there that would like to make use of cartoon illustrations out there for their publications, advertising materials or leaflets.

As Nick Clegg DPM recently said, people must follow the business model of this most finest British business model. John Lewid's famous motto is "never knowing undersold", which got me to thinking about it somewhat.
Many businesses cannot afford to use the services of professional illustrators for their business, even though they would be able to stop sacking people and increase their business models tenfold. The solution I have come up with (all on my own without any assistance from the DPM) is this thus:

Customer approaches cartoonist/illustrator to use image in something. Cartoonist/Illustrator demands a high fee for their work (something like £1,000 for one image).

Customer then approaches Leonard Gubbins' design kit studio. We take that very same illustration and re-draw it exactly, therefor avoiding any copyright issues and charge a much more reasonable £19.90 + 10p admin fee.


  1. I say it's unlawful to copy this work in most places, but it's about phone bills really. I simply can't afford to offer a service for such great value £20 and pay to phone people in China to shout at them for using my cartoon without permission.

    Lets just say it's copyrighted (including the idea of a cost effective "redesign" service for £20) worldwide. Not sure about copyright laws in outer space, but that's something we'd have to cross when we come across that particular bridge.

  2. I'm interested. Can you redraw those two hippos and then - this is the cunning part - change the caption "I keep thinking it's Tuesday" to "I keep thinking its Wednesday". Ta.

  3. I'm not sure what you are talking about. I entered "those two hippos" into Google image search, but unfortunately I didn't have safe search activated (long story, I was looking for specific information on budget tyre treads) so what I saw enforced me to have a lie down for a little while to recover!