Sunday, 30 June 2013

Hilarious Cartoon for the Cartoonist Club Of Britain caption contest.

Hello everyone. I'm back with this very funny cartoon I have entered in the caption contest for the cartoonist club of great briatin. I have only entered this contest once before, but I didn't get a single vote. That is typical tactics of THE CARTOON ELITE, a bit like the BUNDERSBURG group in my opinion, but that's just my opinion. I can't prove anything of course.

I thought, what the hell. I have a really funy idea (that would also look good on a T shirt or mug for just $17.99 + P&P of $7.99) that I just HAD to enter the contest.

It may not be as "good" as the other cartoons that people might like to draw, but the big difference is that MY cartoon is unique, unlike all the generic "funny" "amusing" or "well drawn" cartoons out there, which quite frankly I find boring. Because I find them boring, there must be others that also find them boring, and are looking for something that is unique.

Well must go. I've got a busty afternoon ahead of me. I'm knitting some 8 fingered gloves as a unique gift for my teenage neice (I burned the knitting pattern by accident).

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